When can I expect delivery of my avocados?

During the week, we pick your Avos and dispatch them as quick as we can. If you place your order before midday on a weekday, we will have it packed and sent that same day. This means if you live in the North Island it will be delivered to your doorstep the following day. If you’re in the South Island, you can expect your box to arrive two days after your order was placed. We deliver to rural addresses too, but this will add an extra day onto the usual delivery time.

Can I set up a subscription for the same order each week?

Yes you can. When you place an order you can specify if you want your order to be repeating. You can change the frequency or cancel the repeating order via your log-in.

Do my avocados arrive ripe?

No, we deliver unripe fruit as once it’s ripe it’s more likely to be damaged in transit.

What if I’m not happy with my order or the fruit is damaged?

We endeavour to send fruit only in good condition but it’s hard for us to know if every single one is perfect on the inside. We will always work with you to make sure you are happy with your product.

How long will my avocados take to ripen?

Like a lot of fruit, the ripening process for avocados is affected by the environment and the time of the year they are picked. Generally the fruit at the start of the season (August) can take up to 14 days to ripen from the date picked, this time progressively shortens as the weather gets warmer, and during the peak of summer fruit generally takes about seven days to ripen. Placing them with bananas can help to speed up the process.

What size are the avocados?

Medium to large; as we like to keep our handling to a minimum, we choose not to grade our fruit but instead to pick to a certain size. Our fruit will generally weigh between 200g - 300g+.

Will your avocados be available all year round?

No, but we will endeavour to supply fruit to our retail customers from mid-August through to the start of May. For commercial customers, we can supply through the off season if needed, although this fruit will not be freshly picked due to lack of availability.