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Bay Of Plenty Avocados.

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what makes us different?

we never coolstore our fruit
The Avo Tree

freshly picked avocados

from the orchard to your door
The Avo Tree
The Avo Tree

the quality

avocado company.

Here at The Avo Tree we believe that for too long Kiwis have been paying too much for Avocados. Although we believe it is the fruit of the gods, we don't believe you should be paying so much for it. Not only paying too much for it, but we’ve been paying too much for poor quality fruit.

The Avo Tree takes pride in the handling and treatment of our fruit to ensure you are getting the best quality avocados right to your doorstep.

Our fruit get picked.
We pack them.
You receive them.

We pick to send, meaning we nearly have zero wasteage and we NEVER coolstore our fruit.

The Avo Tree

Delivering the finest Bay of Plenty Avocados
direct from the tree to your doorstep.