14 or 15 Medium Hass Avocados

14 or 15 Medium Hass Avocados

2.6kg+ approx 

Supermarket size. 14 or 15 Medium Avocados per box.

An average fruit size of around 195 grams or more, picked.

Recurring delivery available by subscribing.

Freshly picked box of New Zealand's creamiest Avocados. Never coolstored, with handling kept to a minimum, these fruit are quite literally direct from The Avo Tree and are ready to be delivered to your doorstep.


$37.66 $2.69 each

How to choose your order.

Stuck on which one to choose? Avocados on the daily or buy a one off box...the choice is yours.

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    you go

    freshly picked avocados

    From the orchard to your door, we never coolstore our fruit.

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    Fill your fruit bowl with the freshest, first fruit of the season.



Love these avocados!

Hayley Benseman


Absolutely delish! No brown bits or squishy bits. Every one perfection :)



Never ever been disappointed with my Avos - so much better than the supermarket roulette where they are so inconsistent. Love the avo skincare range as well. Thanks for such an awesome service especially during the lockdown.



They are as perfect as you can imagine, I won’t buy avocados anywhere else, ever!

Yvonne Fisk


have had one box during lockdown. Each one was perfect, beautiful flavour and they lasted much better than ones from store.

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