Hass Avocado Ripening

Avocados are easy to manage if you know what youʼre up to.
Below is a simple rundown on how to get the best results from your fruit.

Seasonal Ripening Times

The first thing to know about Avos is that the ripening times vary across the season.

Days until ripe

July August September October November December January February March April
14 - 16
12 - 15
11 - 14
10 - 13
8 - 11
7 - 10
6 - 8
5 - 7
4 - 5
3 - 4

Important tips from The Avo Tree

Here are a few tips to getting the best out of your fruit. Below is what we have found to work best over many years of Avocado eating, and we have never opened a bad Avo (pretty much). If you have other tips that have worked, let us know and we may add them to the list!

The Banana Trick

Bananas release a lot of natural Ethylene and that is the gas which assists ripening. Either place bananas with them in their box or with them in the fruit bowl. You might speed up the process by a day if you're lucky.

Avos don't like
direct sunlight.

This essentially starts to cook the avo from inside out, so keep them in a shady place. Window sills are commonly used to ripen them but we strongly suggest against it.

Bright green
isn’t go.

Bright green avos are totally unripe and do NOT go in the fridge. It’s important to let these guys ripen before refrigerating. Take a look below at the colour stages to know at what point to pop them in the fridge. Once you do they will last for a week or more!

Totally Unripe

Totally unripe

This Avo is bright green and very firm to touch. Put it back in the fruit bowl or box and wait till it gets darker. Do NOT put it in the fridge at this stage.

Still Not Ripe

Still not ripe

This Avo will still be firm but it’s just started to change colour to a darker green than before. But once again, put it back in the box, not in fridge. The wait continues...

Sort of Ripe

Sort of ripe

Ooh! This guy is sort of ripe. The skin will give a little when slightly squeezed. Squeeze very gently! The colour will be a dark green turning purplish. You can eat this avo but it will be on the firm side. This is when you want to put him in the fridge.

Fully Ripe

Fully ripe

This bad boy is fully ripe and ready to be eaten! He’s dark brown/purplish/blackish...you know the colour. Time to get him cut in half and spread on a bit of toast. Otherwise he might last another few days if he’s kept chilled in fridge!

What You Do.

1. Avocado Box

Open your box of delicious avos. Check them. They should be green and unripe. If they are not, then the courier has taken longer that it should have. If they are ripe, skip to step 4, quickly.

2. Avocado Calendar

Check the picked date which is stamped on each box. Refer to the charts above for average days until ripe and stages of ripeness colour . Leave your box of avos ajar, out of direct sunlight.

3. Avocado Ripening

Check your box each day as they won’t all ripen at exacccctly the same time. You’ll be so eager for creamy goodness you’ll probably do this anyway. Depending on the colour some may be ready for fridge now.

4. Avocados store in fridge

Once all your fruit starts to ripen, place them in the refrigerator and they will hold in perfect ripe condition, ready to eat for a week minimum. Now you will have ripe Avos on hand when you want them!

What We Do.

1. Pick Avocados

First, we pick your fruit. Real simple. Real easy. Nothing flash or complicated. Just snip it off the branch.

2. Pick Avocados

After we pick them, we grade them to size then place them in a cardboard box and slap an address label on it. No coolstores, no washing, no nothing.

3. Deliver Avocados

Then within a few hours, Tim, our super efficient courier driver comes along and we fill his van until the rear tires are flat (this actually happens).

4. Enjoy fresh Avocados

They arrive on your doorstep. This is your face when you get home from work and see them.