About Us

The Avo Tree was started for one simple reason. To provide the tastiest Avocados direct to the fruit bowls of Kiwis everywhere, from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

After sampling our tasty fruit, our friends and family across New Zealand not only raved about the quality, but also came to anticipate this high quality fruit upon every visit. We were regularly greeted with "Hi! Did you bring any Avo’s!?” rather than a “Hi! So great to see you!”. Obviously we always had Avos, but given the fact that our quality Avocados seemed to outshine even our high quality presence there, it begged the question, why not just send them to people? And with that The Avo Tree was born. We are now able to send our fruit to people everywhere in New Zealand, satisfying demand and allowing us to reclaim our dignity after being outshone by a piece of fruit for far too long.

Here at The Avo Tree we take pride in our fruit and treat every piece with the respect that a fruit so perfect deserves. We Pick, We Pack, We Send. We never cool store our fruit and we let the rain do all the washing. The fruit we deliver is quite literally direct from The Avo Tree.

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