6 Jumbo Avocados + Avocado Natural Insect Repellent

Heres a delicious pack of delicious goodness. Treat yourself or treat someone special.

Avocado, Citronella and Witch Hazel Insect Repellent. 

This all natural insect repellent nourishes and repairs skin while protecting from insects without the use of any chemicals. It harnesses the strong natural aroma of Citronella & Patchouli with woody base notes of Eucalyptus & Neem. The combination of avocado oil & witch hazel creates a deliciously rich lotion to make your skin feel soft and silky, while relieving any potential irritations.The natural aroma and creamy finish mean you will want to smother your skin in this insect repellent even if you are not going outdoors. 

6 Jumbo Bay Of Plenty Avocados

Freshly picked box of New Zealand's creamiest Avocados. Never coolstored, with handling kept to a minimum, these fruit are quite literally direct from The Avo Tree and are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. 


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